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Featured Harps - Iris and Minerva - The unique Salvi sound with greater sound projection


IRIS - This majestic harp is finely sculpted and glows in the light of 23-carat gold. A resounding timbre and captivating aesthetics make this prestigious Salvi harp the ideal instrument for orchestras and discerning soloists. A limited edition work of art, unique and inimitable.


Brochure of the Salvi Iris Gold


MINERVA - The dream of every harpist, this jewel of Salvi craftsmanship is enriched with 23-carat gold leaf decorations. Its aesthetic perfection only serves to enhance its full-bodied and vigorous sound, perfect for orchestras and performers who demand the best instruments to enchant audiences worldwide.


Brochure of the Salvi Minerva Gold



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