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Concert Grand 3 piece Pedal Harp Transport Cover

Semi Grand and Daphne 40 3 piece Pedal Harp Transport Cover

Lever Harp Transport Cover W/ Wheels

Lever Harp Transport Cover

Harp Dolly 2 Wheels

Harp Dolly 6 Wheels

Harp Trunk

MAIN $395, BASE $115, COLUMN $115

MAIN $395, BASE $115, COLUMN $115

Professional Harps $395/Student Harps $340

$195/JUNO $125





Concert Grand Dust Cover

Semi Grand Dust Cover

Studio Daphne Dust Cover

Lever Harp Dust Cover

Ravel Music Stand

Mahler Music Stand

Debussy Music Stand





$120/ JUNO $70





Professional Harp Bench

Artist Harp Bench

Ergonomic Tuning Key

Standard Tuning Key

Tuning Key Holder

Salvi Accesories Bag

WindBreaker Salvi Jacket



$24.50/ color $29.50

$19.75/ color $23.75





Musica Pro ORCHESTRA Chair

String Bag BOW BRAND

Legs (Short or Tall) for Lever Harps



String Sets

Metric Tool Set Salvi Lever and Start and Play



$10 per leg (short, or tall)






Prices in US Dollars effective March 1, 2015. Prices do not include shipping or insurance. Prices are subject to change without notice. Other conditions Apply.


PDF File: March 1, 2015 Harp Price List Salvi Harps, Inc in USD

PDF File: Accessory Price List Salvi Harps, Inc in USD



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