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The Celtic harp tradition continues in Salvi’s Donegal model. Lightweight and easy to handle, equipped with professional levers. The Donegal may be ordered with interchangeable legs for height upon request. Donegal is the ideal instrument for lovers of folk music. The carbon fibre strings afford low tension and a balanced, crystalline sound. Celtic music now has a new instrument: The Donegal. Light and easy to maneuver, the Donegal has its roots in the traditional Celtic sound. The specially designed carbon fibre strings confer a vibrant and balanced sound throughout the harp, while the “high performance” levers and interchangeable legs make this the ideal instrument for lovers of Celtic music. Salvi harps has used the Celtic traditions as inspiration for both the aesthetics and sound of the Donegal.


Height: 53 1/2 inches


Width: 28 3/4 inches


Weight: 23 1/4 lbs


Soundboard Width: 13 3/4 inches.


Range: 34 strings (1st Oct. A - 6th Oct. C)


Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce


Finishes: Mahogany, walnut, natural maple


Price: $3,900


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