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Arion SG Semi Grand 47 String Pedal Harp



Salvi’s perfect combination of class and comfort, the Arion SG combines: elegance, ease of transport, and an excellent sound. This is due to its revolutionary new concept sound board. The new concept sound board is a new shape of sound board that starts extending further up the harp to create a full well balanced sound throughout the instrument.


Height: 70 Inches


Width: 36.5 inches


Weight: 81.5 lbs


Soundboard Width: 18 inches.


Range: 47 Strings (00G- 7C)


Soundboard: Fiemme Valley Red Spruce


Finishes: Mahogany, Walnut, Ebony, Natural Maple (Also Available with Gold in High gloss/ see brochure)


Price: $16,500 no gold/ $18,900 with gold


Brochure of the Arion SG Pedal Harp


Brochure of the Arion SG with gold Pedal Harp



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